New innovative way to secure money for your business! 
Use your Merchant account’s future sales to secure the money now! 
Working capital is available to you right now! 
Your business may be eligible for $2,500 to $350,000

Pay period is approximately less than 12 months! 
The money is only deducted from your daily Visa MasterCard batch settlements. 
You pay back the money from sales you will make tomorrow! 
If you’re slow one month, NO Problem! are NO late fees! Completely automated payback. 
Trusted by thousands of businesses nationwide! 
This is NOT a bank loan. future Visa/MasterCard processing sales for a fee. 
There is NO A.P.R.! 
Only a credit inquiry made, to your credit report! 
You keep all your cash, checks, card and American Express sales! 
As an added BONUS, 
merchant account rates!

Do you need cash, to build your business ?

The cost is low, 20 points are typically added to your current card rates. 
Your Merchant account rates stay the same, you just need to transfer the 
account to be eligible for the program. 

This is no Gimmick! 
You must be in business at least one year and processing to qualify, 
The program is designed for business owners that need extra working 
cash NOW! The monthly payments are usually higher than traditional bank 
loan but the funds are typically paid back in less than a year! 
All costs are completely tax deductable.


NO Points or Upfront Fees
NO Personal Guarantees
NO Fixed Monthly Payments
NO Hassle 24-Hour Approval
NO Collateral or Security Interest
NO Set Term for Repayment
NO Credit Rating Refusals
NO Use Restrictions on Funding

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