Phone/Mail Order Credit Card Processing eCard Payment Gateway / Virtual Terminal for Mail Order / Telephone Order merchants without a web site the eCard Payment Gateway Virtual Terminal provides a convenient way of manually entering and processing credit card transactions.

Need to process sales while you are on the road? Use the eCard Payment Gateway Virtual Terminal to run them.

The eCard Payment Gateway “Virtual Terminal” takes the place of a credit card terminal or processing software saving you money because you don’t have to purchase or lease the hardware or software. You get all the extra anti-fraud features like address verification, real time credit card verification and free daily batching.

eCard Payment Gateway, an Online Merchant Center, provides merchants with a way to process credit cards from any device with internet access offering multiple credit card payment choices to customers.

As well as offering accurate and timely authorization of customer transactions, eCard Payment Gateway also provides the timely back-end processing necessary to settle transactions including e-mail confirmation for both merchant and customers.

With eCard Payment Gateway, funds can be transferred into your merchant bank account within two to three business days. eCard Payment Gateway; has a secure 128 bit SSL environment which is simply the fastest and simplest method for secure payment processing.

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