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Credit card processing fees

Credit Card Processing
What you need to know!

e Card Technology has been in the payment processing industry since 1996. We pride ourselves on a philosophy that business owners appreciate you more when you are forthright with them from the beginning of a processing relationship.Most merchant account providers tend to look similar but, if you take a closer look, you may find some very Compelling differences.

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Third Party Processors

What exactly is a 3rd party processor and are you confused as to who they really are?

There are professional Merchant Service Providers (MSP) and then there are 3rd Party Processors/Aggregators or Transmitters of Money, which are all typically Internet companies pretending to provide a legitimate bank issued Merchant Account. These companies such as Square and PayPal own a Merchant Account and ‘rent’ their account to small unsuspecting companies for exorbitant processing fees.

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